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We offer here reviews of books that have been of interest to members of our congregation, that might be of interest to others.

 TitleSizeCreated Date 
People of the lie64.49 KB14/02/2013Download
God's Trademarks63.12 KB13/11/2014Download
Jesus the teacher52.54 KB14/02/2013Download
The experience economy73.30 KB14/02/2013Download
The Wounded Healer97.72 KB13/03/2011Download
Undefended leadership1.32 MB13/03/2011Download
Polar Bear Pirates72.62 KB13/02/2011Download
Honesty the Best Policy97.05 KB13/02/2011Download
The Church and the Powers113.00 KB13/02/2011Download
The Race Trap27.50 KB13/02/2011Download
The Empty Raincoat80.42 KB13/02/2011Download
The Age of Unreason94.76 KB11/02/2011Download

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