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Welcome to our website, our cyberspace residence.

On the following pages we offer:

WHAT WE DO - Activities offered

VIEWS ON LIFE - Reflections on issues of faith, fun and fellowship.

RESIDENT HUMOURIST - Contributions from the resident humourist of our church along with articles on dealing with the issues that life throws up. (Yes, we have a resident humourist, because we believe it is hard to survive without a sense of humour.)

LIBRARY - List of e-books, lending library.
A series of book reviews, for those who are looking for books that might be of interest to them.

BLOG - Posting fortnightly reflections for consideration, along with oral histories of members of our community, along with stories which we looking for contributions to.

Our Church services are held at our church in Rosedale Avenue, Hazelbrook each Sunday morning at 9.30 am, followed by morning tea.

Direct all enquiries to (02) 4758-8267.

Hall bookings: (02) 4759 1228


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We have a group of mainly older people who join together for fun fellowship and food. We are a fallible group but are complimented on the warmth of our greetings and fellowship as well as on the quality of our cakes and biscuits.

At Christmas for example, we set out our approach as follows:

Our focus is on worship and quiet celebration, rather than engaging in a frenzy of activities, which would leave our congregation exhausted and frustrated.

Some different perspectives on this season from a worldly view are:

  • Christmas is a retailer’s busiest time of the year
  • Christmas is party, party, party for the Corporate set
  • Christmas is a time of misery for broken people
  • Christmas is a time when families pretend to like one another
  • For children of those parents who reject the commercialism of Christmas, it can be tough when friends get loads of presents and you get nothing; for those in blended families, it can be the worst time of year, because civil war often breaks out as to where Christmas Day and or Boxing Day will be spent.

For working Mums it is nightmare alley, juggling work and preparing for Christmas; for those who have lost loved ones during the year, it will be the first Christmas without them.

From the above, it will be seen why many people are bored with Christmas and wish it would just go away. However, let me suggest deeper reasons why Christmas is a challenging time for all of us, whether we are a follower of Jesus Christ or not:

  • It is a time when we are confronted with a choice; if Jesus was a real person and the Bible story is true, then we have seen the intervention of God into History, that we are not the masters of the Universe we like to believe we are.
  • It is a time for looking at how we are living our lives, what the point and purpose of our existence is.
  • It is a time of confession and repentance, of accepting that there are things we need to change, starting with ourselves.
  • We will fail some people, because we cannot please everyone, but with humour and humility, we seek to serve our community.
Rent our hall

To rent our hall, which has a modern AV system, please download application form and post in to us.

For more information and hall bookings:
(02) 4759 1228

Download application form

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The explanation of the emblem of the Uniting Church is as follows:

  • the darkness represents the world in need
  • the Cross represents God’s offer of grace to forgive and to renew the world through the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ
  • the dove symbolises the Holy Spirit applying God’s grace to those who look to him in faith
  • the red wings being the sign of the flame that was the seal of authority and power given to the Apostles at Pentecost
  • the white semi-circle is an unfinished letter “u” , reminding us that the task of uniting people to God and to one another and the achievement of inner unity is the ongoing responsibility of the Uniting Church
A rock in the challenges of life

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"Where there is no vision, the people perish"

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